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Mummy String Cheese | Mama Papa Bubba

Turning jars, juice boxes, and chocolate bars into mummies for Halloween is certainly nothing new, but I think it’s an adorable idea.  So in my quest to pull together fun and sugar-free Halloween treats for Miss G, I decided to make some mummy string cheese to add into the mix.  String cheese itself is a huge treat in our house because we never buy it, but I think these little mummies will be even more fun for Grae.

IMG 2753

They’re so simple to whip up that instructions really aren’t needed, but here’s how I made ours.  All that’s needed is a roll of gauze, some googly eyes, and a glue gun.

IMG 2754

To start, I cut a 15 inch length of gauze,  put a tiny dab of glue at the top of both sides of the package, and folded the dressing over the top of the cheese string.

IMG 2756

Then I quickly {and messily} wrapped the gauze all the way down the cheese before securing the end with another dab of glue.

IMG 2758

To finish them off, I added a little line of glue and pressed in two eyes.

IMG 2760

Simplest. project. ever.

IMG 2764

And aren’t they cute?  We’re going to bring some to a little Halloween celebration we’re attending, but I think they’d be great treats to send to school too!


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