Wooden Cherries for Pretend Play

Wooden Cherries for Pretend Play | Mama Papa Bubba

You know those projects that seem to sit on your to do list for ages and ages without actually getting done?  That’s these cute little wooden cherries!  In fact, if I’m being completely truthful, they’re almost a year in the making… Oy.  

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The idea first came about when we were in Heidelberg last Christmas browsing through one of the many beautiful toy shops.  Gracen took a fancy to these beautiful wooden cherries by HABA, and while I loved them too, I knew we could very simply make our own {and in the words of Grae, ‘you don’t always have to buy things – we can make lots of things at home!}

IMG 4369

With that, we headed through Heidelberg’s main pedestrian area to a gorgeous craft and art supply shop and picked up everything we’d need.  The materials are as simple as can be…  Large wooden beads, green satin cord, red acrylic paint, plus some scissors and a paintbrush too.  Oh – and a lighter or other source of fire for sealing the cut edges also.  We were eager as could be, but somehow creating our own wooden cherries just got put on the back burner for quite some time.

IMG 6613

When we were finally ready, Miss G painted the wooden beads red first.  {This part of the project actually happened back in March while we were working on another really fun project that I’ve yet to post about…Ugh.}

IMG 4383

7 months later, our beads were sufficiently dry and ready to be turned into cherries – hah! ☺  To complete the process, we cut a long piece of our green cord {you’ll probably want it between 34 and 40 centimetres long}, sealed off both ends by placing the cut edge near, but not in, a flame to prevent fraying. Then, I tied a triple knot on one end of the cord.

IMG 4388

IMG 4389

IMG 4390

Next, Grae fed the cord through two of our large wooden beads…

IMG 4394

And I tied a triple knot on the other end of the cord.  After I’d made sure that both knots were big enough to hold the beads firmly in place, we positioned the beads so that they were on either end of the cord and folded the cord in half.

IMG 4375

To finish them off, I grabbed the centre of cord and tied a knot about a centimetre from the top.

IMG 4395

Here they are…  A 15 minute project completed 10 months later.

IMG 4399

Not that Miss G seems to have minded the wait!


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