Simple LEGO Addition Tray

Simple LEGO Addition Tray | Mama Papa BubbaEarly this morning Miss G asked me if we could play an adding game {the girl loves addition currently}.  Not having anything prepared, I quickly scanned the room for something that could be turned into a math game without much fuss.  Our ever-growing LEGO collection caught my attention first and I knew it had potential.  I grabbed several bricks as well as a couple of just-purchased wooden dice {in coordinating colours, obviously ☺}.  I figured we could use the dice to generate our addition questions and the LEGO bricks as counters, then added in the plastic serving tray just to give the game a defined playing area and surface.

IMG 4315

Using a white board marker, I drew 3 boxes directly on our tray and added in a little ‘+’ sign between the first two and an ‘=‘ sign between the last two.  With that, our LEGO addition tray was done and ready to be played with!

IMG 4317

Playing was simple.  Miss G rolled the red die to determine the first number in our equation, then showed the number in the top box using red LEGO bricks.  Then she rolled the yellow die to determine the second number in our addition equation and showed it in the second box using yellow bricks.

IMG 4319

To solve the equation, she attached her two LEGO stacks and counted up all of the bricks.  The first time around, without any prompting, she enthusiastically said, ‘Seven!  Three plus four equals seven, Mama!’

IMG 4326

IMG 4331

IMG 4334

This continued round after round…

IMG 4338

IMG 4340

IMG 4341

After round!

IMG 4349

I think she had fun. ☺


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3 thoughts on “Simple LEGO Addition Tray

  1. I love this! I have a mountain of lego from when my boys used to play with them some15 years ago! I love your creativity using simple things around the home! Love it! You little girl is growing and changing!
    I am always so glad that you share your ideas

  2. I’m such a fan of your blog! This activity looks like heaps of fun for something so simple. Definitely pinning this for later, when my girls are alittle older.

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