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Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop | Mama Papa Bubba

The fact that it’s fall doesn’t rule out ice cream shop pretend play, does it?  Because today when Miss G realized that it had been a looong time since we last played with cloud dough {the last time probably would have been when we had our indoor beach kicking around}, ice cream play is what came to mind.   

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Ice cream always sounds good to me, so we pulled out a few honey pails, grabbed our ice cream sand toy set from Ikea {we have a similar Melissa & Doug set back home in Canada}, grabbed a few plastic gelato spoons we keep in our play tools stash, and then got to making our ice cream-scented cloud dough.

IMG 4257

To create our ice cream-scented cloud dough, we used our usual coloured and scented cloud dough recipe and just tweaked the measurements a little bit so that our batches fit nicely into our ice cream pails. {Each of these buckets contains 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 1/3 cup of cooking oil, and 1 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations flavour packet – that’s it!  All things that are technically edible, which makes this dough taste safe.}

IMG 4259

Then we set everything into a large under-the-bed storage bin and set it on top of an old shower curtain.

IMG 4262

Miss grabbed her adorable little apron, and with that, her ice cream shop was officially open for business.

IMG 4267

IMG 4270

Throughout our play, she greeted me, told me about her shop, listed off the available flavours, and created all sorts of custom ice cream treats for me.

IMG 4276

IMG 4275

Part way through, she collected some corks to act as money and the free ice cream cones were over {shucks!}  I must say that offering the first dozen cones for nothing was a pretty brilliant marketing strategy, because by the time I was hooked, this single scoop cone of bubble gum ice cream cost me ‘500 and 50 thousand’ – hah!!  ☺

IMG 4293

IMG 4288

I revisited Miss G’s cloud dough ice cream shop again and again throughout the afternoon, and it’s currently in the middle of our floor waiting to be opened first thing tomorrow morning.

IMG 4278

IMG 4282

IMG 4285

I think it’s pretty safe to say that this little ice cream shop owner quite enjoyed today’s play.  ☺



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