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Play Dough Turkeys | Mama Papa Bubba

Gosh, I love setting out fun play invitations for my girl.  This one, set out today for our Thanksgiving celebration is nothing new, but the classics are classics for a reason, right?  My kindergarten students used to love creating colourful feathered play dough turkeys at our play dough station and Miss G loved it just as much too!

IMG 4078

Here’s how I set out the invitation…  A double batch of cinnamon vanilla scented play dough, some colourful craft feathers, googly eyes, and some foam pieces all placed inside our favourite divided Ikea tray {Canada | US}.

IMG 4090

The foam pieces included some yellow and orange triangles as beaks and a variety of wiggly red shapes to serve as snoods.

IMG 4123

I always love seeing how different people use the same materials in different ways {in this case, to create the same thing}…

IMG 4121

Here’s Brad’s turkey…

IMG 4110

Here’s mine…

IMG 4119

And this little turkey {affectionately named Matilda} belongs to Miss G.

IMG 4129

And Matilda’s baby?  Well that’s Lucy, of course.  ☺

I just adore how she created turkeys by starting with a pancake {not something I would have thought to do} and I’m excited to see what comes of this play tray throughout the week.


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  1. I would love to have your play dough recipe. I teach elementary art in a school of about 670 students, My kindergarteners would love to make the turkeys.

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