A Yearly Tradition: A Polar Express Viewing Party With Friends

IMG 6511

This morning Miss G woke up to discover a jingle bell on a red satin ribbon and this little note in her snowman advent calendar.  She was beyond excited.

IMG 6513

After last’s year’s Polar Express viewing party success, I quickly decided that gathering with friends to watch the movie each December would make for a great yearly tradition, and it seems that Grae agreed fully as she spent most of the day bouncing off of the walls {and furniture} of our apartment in anticipation.

IMG 6493
IMG 6501

By the time I was up and out of bed, she was in a pair of new Christmas jammies and bopping around the house ‘making sure it looked Christmassy enough’.

IMG 6494

IMG 6504

Since the gathering wasn’t until the afternoon, we spent a chunk of our morning finishing off the Frozen-inspired coffee filter snowflakes we started yesterday and hung them on the windows when done.  Unfortunately, a few paper snowflakes didn’t quite have the power to turn {a very beige} Mahboula into a winter wonderland, but it was a step in the right direction. ☺

IMG 6508

Afterwards, we pulled out a stash of printable Polar Express tickets we had left over from last year and quickly put together a few Polar Express-inspired bells.

IMG 6515
IMG 6519

With plenty of time to spare, Miss G pulled out our Christmas-themed play dough set and played for a while before setting up her cozy spot on the floor of our living room.

IMG 6526

Finally, her friends arrived!  As they did, she very proudly gave each person a ticket to board the Polar Express and a bag of popcorn to enjoy while watching the show.

IMG 6527

Part way through the movie, Gracen handed out some snowmen milk bottles we’d made earlier in the day and Brad ordered some pizza to be delivered for the end of the show.  After a slice of pizza, our guests headed out and our second annual Polar Express viewing party came to a close.  It was a good day.


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