Christmas Tree Photo Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Tree Photo Scavenger Hunt | Mama Papa Bubba

A couple of days ago Gracen sort of randomly brought up the backyard photo scavenger hunt we’d done just before leaving Canada this past summer, and talked about how much fun she’d had doing it.  Being an overseas living kiddo, she knows that many things simply have to wait until our next summer at home, and so she requested that we do another when we arrive back in BC in 6 or so months.  Of course I happily agreed, but while she was having her daily quiet playtime, I decided that we really didn’t have to wait.  Sure, there’s not a ton of nature in Kuwait {especially where we live}, but that doesn’t mean we that we can’t hunt for other things!  At first, I thought we’d just do a general hunt around the apartment, but as I passed our {very eclectic} little tree bursting with ornaments, I thought why not do a Christmas tree photo scavenger hunt?!

IMG 6058

So that’s just what we did.  While she played independently in her room, I took several photos of the unique and interesting ornaments on our tree using the square photo option.

IMG 6529

Then, later that night I put all of the photos into one Pages document and added a ‘Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt’ title and some cute clipart.

IMG 6531

Then I printed it off, placed the paper on a clipboard, and set it out on the table with a marker for her to find in the morning.

IMG 6532

As expected, she found it immediately after waking up and promptly marched down to my bedroom and asked, ‘Is that thing on the table a scavenger hunt, BUT FOR THE TREE?!’  {Sure is, darling.}

IMG 6533

After we’d both cleaned our rooms and she’d soaked in a bath with decongesting essential oils {stay away, sickness – we leave to Germany in less than a week!}, she got started.

IMG 6537

At first, she told me that this scavenger hunt was very easy for her because she is an expert on our Christmas tree, but it turned out to be more challenging than initially expected.  While she did find some right off the bat, many took some serious searching.  After taking a break, eating some breakfast, and then going back for round 2, she did eventually find everything she was looking for – whew! ☺


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