Backyard Photo Scavenger Hunt

Backyard Photo Scavenger Hunt | Mama Papa Bubba

I came up with this idea on a whim the other morning, and it turned out to be a ton of fun!  Miss G and I were out playing in her playhouse when I realized how little time we had left to spend surrounded by brightly coloured flowers, big old trees, green grass, and a mountain-filled backdrop before heading back to the Middle East next week.  It started with a quick iPhone pic of a particularly beautiful flower, and before I knew it, I had decided I’d create a backyard photo scavenger hunt comprised of all of the pretty little details around the yard.

IMG 2329

That morning I walked around snapping quick pictures of unique plants and items using the square photo setting on my iPhone…

IMG 2326

And then I uploaded them and put them all onto one document using Pages {an Apple-friendly word processing application} that night.

IMG 2330

The following morning I presented the printed page on a clipboard to Miss G.  {Because we leave so soon and next summer the yard will inevitably look different, I didn’t bother with laminating it, but if I felt like we could have gotten more than one use out of it, I definitely would have.}

IMG 2349

She knew exactly what to do as soon as I mentioned the words ‘scavenger hunt’, and with that, we were off.

IMG 2344

After a quick scan of the page, she had several locations she wanted to visit immediately.  Orange berries in a tree – check.

IMG 2354

Coiled green garden hose on a fencepost – check!

IMG 2346

Her order of finding and crossing off items wasn’t necessarily the most ‘efficient’, but goodness, did she ever know where most of them were!

IMG 2356

IMG 2353

We made our way around the yard several times, crossing things off as we went.

IMG 2359

After finding as many things as we could before snack time, we took a little break and then came back to the hunt later in the day.  With a little bit of help from Papa and Grandma Charlotte, Miss G managed to cross off every last item and has already asked to do the same sort of activity once we get back to Kuwait.  Something tells me that finding interesting outdoor items will be significantly more challenging there, but I’ll do my best.  ☺

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