Heidelberg Bound {2014}

Woohoo!  Christmas vacation is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited.  After much debate, we decided to spend this year’s holidays in Heidelberg, Germany once again {and I’m so glad we did}.  While it’s always nice to see new places, Heidelberg is pretty much perfect for us when it comes to Christmas vacation spots.  Besides being beautiful and very Christmassy this time of year, it’s also quite an affordable European vacation destination.  The weather is cold {just the way we like Christmas to be} but not too cold, the city is friendly and walkable, and rental flats are readily available.  There’s an outdoor skating rink and several small Christmas markets, and you can walk around the city sipping on a warm glühwein day or night.  Need I say more?

We spent most of our day today in transit, and let me say – Miss G is a total trooper.  Not only did she let both Brad and I sleep on the plane for a little bit {while watching part of Frozen, albeit, but hey – sometimes you’ve got to take what you can get}, but she also sat sardined in between bags on a very tightly packed train, transferred to train number two without an issue, and then walked for at least a half hour or so in the rain to our flat {well past her bedtime} while commenting on how walking was really good exercise for your body.  We arrived to our lovely little flat, checked it out, and then promptly put our girl to bed for the night.  We did run into the upstairs neighbours who {very kindly} let us know that they’re having a party tonight, but with any luck, we’ll all get a good sleep and be ready to explore Heidelberg tomorrow morning.  Here’s hoping!

Heidelberg Bound

blank space on repeat, always  //  frozen play dough on the go

puzzle fun {find them here}  //  do you want to build a snowman?

safely landed in frankfurt  //  feeling christmassy at the train station

heidelberg bound by train  //  in search of our apartment

wine & chocolate on arrival!  // a kitchen capable of cooking Christmas dinner?

our view  //  wine for mama

camping out  //  zzz

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One thought on “Heidelberg Bound {2014}

  1. What a little trouper! And what a great Mum for having all those wonderful activities prepared for a little trouper too. It’s a shame the party was a big one but “little trouper” was a trouper yet again by having a nap for you.

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