Back in Heidelberg

Ahhhhh… Heidelberg.  We love it here.  After a fairly terrible night of sleep {the party upstairs turned out to be quite the rager and Miss G was up at 4 a.m. after an exceptionally late bedtime last night}, we bundled up and walked to the grocery store to load up on essentials.  After everything had been washed and put away, we had some brunch and put our grumpypants girl down for a much needed nap, despite the fact that she hasn’t had one in months and months and months.  Luckily for us, she fell asleep and stayed asleep for a couple of hours – woohoo!  After the post-nap fog had worn off, she helped me take a couple of photos for a special New Year’s Eve post I’m doing for CBC Parents, then we bundled up and went exploring Heidelberg’s Old Town.  We wandered the streets, browsed the shops, visited the Christmas market {where Grae rode the carousel}, and then had dinner out at a restaurant we really enjoyed last year.  It was a day filled with walking, crisp air, bright lights, and Christmas cheer – the perfect combination for our first day of holidays as a family.

IMG 6585

IMG 6586

IMG 6589

IMG 6593

IMG 6596

IMG 6633

IMG 6640

IMG 6651

IMG 6654

IMG 6655

IMG 6658

IMG 6658

IMG 6662

IMG 6674

IMG 6676

IMG 6679

IMG 6681

IMG 6685

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IMG 6692

IMG 6700

IMG 6707

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