Exploring Heidelberg {Day 2}

Whew…What a day!  After getting a fabulous night of sleep last night, we spent the majority of today out and about enjoying Heidelberg and soaking in crisp outdoor air – something we certainly don’t get enough of in Kuwait.  A welcomed change.

IMG 6733

IMG 6737

IMG 6747

IMG 6743

After managing to sleep-in until 7 a.m., Grae and I got up, fired up our coffee machine, and sipped on our hot drinks while talking about our plans for the day.  She wanted to ride the carousel ‘two times again just like yesterday’ and I wanted to browse through the Christmas markets some more, and that’s pretty much as far into planning as we got.  After enjoying a nice long sleep-in, Brad got up and made us breakfast, then we all got ready and headed into Old Town.

IMG 6751

Because it’s Sunday {the day when most all of the shops are closed}, Old Town was much less busy than yesterday.  Our very favourite tea shop, however?  Still packed as could be.  And for good reason – the tea is absolutely delicious.  Definitely something we’ll be bringing back to Kuwait and savouring throughout the New Year.

IMG 6757

IMG 6768

IMG 6765

After quite a bit of walking and browsing, we decided to pop into Starbucks for some warm drinks and snacks.  Grae was beyond excited by the fact that we scored the private top nook and she got peer down at the action below.  {I don’t blame her – it’s my favourite spot too.}

IMG 6772

IMG 6789

IMG 6791

IMG 6792

IMG 6793

Next up, the Christmas market!  We browsed the stalls, rode the carousel {twice as requested}, and then grabbed some french fries before heading out on a walk along the river {because they’re certainly a Christmas market must, right?}

IMG 6797

IMG 6802

IMG 6806

The streets and buildings are so pretty here, I think I could honestly just walk aimlessly all day long.

IMG 6807

IMG 6815


IMG 6824

Partway into our walk, we stumbled upon this little playground that Grae just loved.  The sand scoop pulleys that are often found at playgrounds here are a definite hit with our girl.

IMG 6825

IMG 6827

IMG 6829

IMG 6833

After some convincing, we eventually left the playground to continue our walk ran into none other but ELSA!

IMG 6837

IMG 6840

IMG 6841

IMG 6844

After some more walking, a stop at another playground, and a visit with some ducks, we were headed home when this happened.  Miss G thought it was pretty hilarious.  Brad maybe not as much. ☺

IMG 6846

IMG 6863

Once at home, Brad and Grae enjoyed some 3D TV {who knew that was even a thing?} in German while I made dinner, and we finished off the night with Grae making us some winter nature soup with all of the fancy things we’d collected on our adventures.  It was a good day.

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