Winter Nature Sensory Soup

Winter Nature Sensory Soup | Mama Papa Bubba

Today, while out touring around Heidelberg, Miss G and I kept our eyes peeled for pretty winter nature items.  As we came across different things, we added them to reusable bag and then continued along our way.  Just the fact that things like evergreen branches and winter berries can be found here is a huge treat to our little desert-dwelling lady, so collecting a bagful with the intention of making a winter nature sensory soup was really exciting.

IMG 6848

Once home, we took out our items, placed them in a strainer, and gave them a really good rinse before setting them all out on this tray.  I then laid out a towel, set out a bowl half full of warm water and a few drops of tea tree essential oil while Miss G gathered a soup bowl, a spoon, a couple of little coffee scoops, and a large wooden spoon.

IMG 6851

We added our tray full of winter nature items to the towel and Miss G got creating her soup.

IMG 6854

She carefully added her ingredients, stopping to stir and smell the soup here and there.

IMG 6860

When asked, she told me her soup was called ‘winter berry soup’, which was quite appropriate.

IMG 6863

IMG 6866

IMG 6867

With that, she was ready to dish out the first bowl, and lucky for me, I got to be her very first customer.  She was a very attentive chef, checking in with me regularly while I ate my soup and reminding me that the brown leaf was in my bowl to add flavour, but it wasn’t to be eaten – hah!

IMG 6870

After I’d had my fill of soup {and more}, Brad was called in to dine at Miss G’s soup kitchen.

IMG 6872

I love this sort of play and luckily so does Miss G, despite it being extremely simple {and something she would have enjoyed as a young toddler}.  While it used to provide more of an opportunity to play and explore using her senses, now I often use it as a jumping off point for discussion, developing vocabulary, and practicing everyday pleasantries and manners.  But most importantly, I’m happy as long as she’s having fun.


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  1. Love this! Especially the way you are always thinking of creative engaging fun memory making ideas for your daughter! She is blessed! I am inspired! I am going to keep a container in the car so that when I travel around I can collect amazing things!

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