New Year’s Eve Celebration Kit for Kids

New Year's Eve Celebration Kit for Kids | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

With our vacation under way and everything Christmas basically prepared for, I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Eve recently…  I’ve got something fun tucked up my sleeve for this year’s celebration {coming soon to CBC Parents!}, but I also really love the fun New Year’s Eve celebration kit I put together on a whim to help Miss G ring in 2014.  Obviously, NYE isn’t the most kid-friendly holiday with the big celebration taking place at midnight and all {waaaaay too late for our little in bed at 6 p.m. gal}, but we surprised Miss G with this fun little kit early on in the evening last year and she had a total blast with it.

IMG 4900

Because we spent last year’s holidays in Heidelberg also and I hadn’t planned anything in advance, supplies were limited and I had to work with what I had {enter the LEGO tote}.  While I might have used a basket or bin back home, the carrying case from one of Grae’s LEGO gifts actually worked pretty perfectly.  Using a sheet of paper I found on the desk of the flat we were renting, I wrote out ‘hello, 2014’, attached it to the case with some tape, and called it done.

IMG 4890

As for the goodies inside, I actually already had several of them on hand due to a case of stocking stuffer purchasing overload – oops!  Such was the case with the fuzzy penguin jammies, the Lush bubble bar, the pistachios, and the fruit snacks, if I remember right.  The other items – the balloons, paper confetti, paper party streamers, and sparklers – were all picked up the day before at small, local shops.

IMG 4897

Of course you could include anything you want in your kit, but I really like the idea of something to snack on, something fun to CELEBRATE with {hello, dance party!}, something to make bath time extra fun, and something cozy to sleep in.

IMG 4893

A packet of hot cocoa, some popcorn seeds to pop, or a New Year’s Eve book would be fun additions too!

IMG 4892

Oh, and if you’re not a fan of messes, maybe skip sprinkling the confetti all inside the kit.  {Though I must say, paper confetti and a vacuum make for a very easy clean-up. ☺}

IMG 4905

Then, when you’ve got everything collected, tuck the goodies inside the kit, force it shut, and give it to your munchkin…

IMG 4906

Let them dig into the treats…

IMG 4909

And finish off the evening with a dance party and a NYE celebration bath!

IMG 4915

IMG 4947

Sounds like a pretty awesome New Year’s Eve if you ask me. ☺

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One thought on “New Year’s Eve Celebration Kit for Kids

  1. i love finding other canadian mamas! enjoyed perusing your blog tonight and LOVE the preschool book club ideas! is it an ongoing series?
    your little miss g is quite the darling … happy to have stumbled upon your little world today :)
    merry christmas xo

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