Christmas Markets and Carousels and Cold, Oh My!

While we spent some time at the Christmas market both yesterday and the day before, we really only visited one of many small markets around Heidelberg, and since today is the last day they’re open, we set out to visit a few of the other {further away} ones today.  Getting all the way down to the furthest one definitely took a little bit of strategic planning since it’s nearly 3 kilometres from our flat and we chose to leave our stroller at home this trip, but Miss G’s been doing exceptionally well.  Besides being carried or piggybacked by Brad for short bouts here or there, she’s walked everywhere we’ve gone with quite minimal complaints.  The key?  Lots of little pitstops on the way, plenty of {distracting} chat while walking, and setting out exciting destinations along the way as goals {the toy store, the carousel, the castle, etc.}

Here’s our day in photos…

IMG 6882

IMG 6883A visit to the toy section of the large department store here where Miss G promptly fell in love with these giant polar animal stuffies.

IMG 6885Lunch.

IMG 6888Schneeballen.  {Shortcrust pastry balls that are deep-fried and rolled in powdered sugar, chocolate, and other yummy toppings.}

IMG 6890A ‘leg break’ as Miss G calls them.

IMG 6891Christmas market number 1 of 3.

IMG 6899Hot glühwein for Mama and Papa…

IMG 6901Carousel ride for Miss G.

IMG 6905

IMG 6907Cutie pie!

IMG 6911Christmas market number 2 of 3 equaled a train ride for Miss G.

IMG 6917Grae and the ‘princess castle’ {aka Schloss Heidelberg – see last year’s visit here}.

IMG 6932A rare photo with Mama = Miss G pulling out her very best silly face {even when visiting the Eiffel Tower}.

IMG 6940A miniature carousel {for the bargain price of 295 Euros!}

IMG 6942Sudden cold means that Miss G gets Mama’s big warm scarf and Mama gets to freeze.

IMG 6943Christmas market number 3 – the final one of the day…

IMG 6956And Gracen’s final carousel ride of the year!


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