Christmas Eve {2014}

Our Christmas Eve was a lovely one this year…

Our flat was filled with friends {who are also visiting Heidelberg} for brunch, Grae and I did some midday ice play, the sun came out just in time for a long walk and visit to one of our favourite playgrounds, and we came across huge piles of leaves on our way home {a treat for a desert-dwelling kiddo!}  Upon our return, we found chocolate and a handmade card on our doorstep and finished off our day with a movie night {the original Rudolph} and Miss G’s Christmas Eve presents {Christmas jammies and books, as always}.  Here is our day in photos…

IMG 6999

IMG 7000

IMG 7001

IMG 7002

IMG 7005

IMG 7008

IMG 7016

IMG 7019

IMG 7022

IMG 7028

IMG 7031

IMG 7033

IMG 7034

IMG 7038

IMG 7042

IMG 7044

IMG 7046

IMG 7048

IMG 7067

IMG 7069

IMG 7073

IMG 7078

IMG 7084

IMG 7087

IMG 7090

IMG 7095

IMG 7088

IMG 7098

IMG 7104

IMG 7106

IMG 7108

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