New Year’s Eve Surprise Ball

New Year s Eve Surprise Ball | Mama Papa Bubba

After creating a NYE celebration kit {that Miss G loved} last year, I knew I wanted to do something similar this year…  I loved the idea of a collection of small things to make the evening extra special, but I wanted to present it differently just to change things up a little.  That’s when the idea of a New Year’s Eve surprise ball came about.  While I’ve admired the surprise balls I’ve seen on the lovely blog And We Play {Valentine’s ones | turkey ones}, I’d not tried my hand at making them until just recently, and I’m so glad I finally gave it a go.  Making one was easy and fun and I already know that Miss G is going to love it, so I can totally see them becoming a special celebration ‘thing’ in our house.

IMG 6620

Now I’m not going to lie, making this completely-coated-in-foil-glitter version was a little messy {which obviously makes it more fun!} and the unwrapping part come NYE is bound to be even messier.  BUT, nothing quite screams New Year’s Eve celebration like loads of foil glitter, now does it? ☺  {Of course glitterphobes could always do without the glitter completely…}

IMG 6626

The best part about surprise balls {obviously} is that they’re filled with SURPRISES!!  Wrapped inside this little glittery ball of goodness, Miss G will find a packet of fruit snacks, several balloons, a packet of homemade hot cocoa, and a small bath bomb  – all things that she’ll be able to enjoy come New Year’s Eve.

IMG 6640  Version 2

Of course, she doesn’t know what’s inside yet…

IMG 6639

Knowing wouldn’t make it a surprise ball, after all.

IMG 6645

But she does know that come New Year’s Eve, she’ll get to unravel her ball and find out, and she’s very excited about that!


For a detailed tutorial on how to make these for your little one(s), pop on over to CBC Parents and read our Surprise Balls for New Years Eve post.  

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Surprise Ball

  1. I like the idea but your photos do not really show what it is. If I hadn’t made a surprise ball for my daughter for Christmas It would have been hard to understand what you were trying to accomplish. also I am a very visual person I skipped the text at first to see if I would even like the idea but when I didn’t understand I had to read (I might be a little lazy)

    1. Hi naveyryoko. This is a tutorial I did for CBC Parents… Sharing a sneak peek here on my site helps my readers find the posts I write for other sites. At the bottom or the post, you’ll see a bold, centred, “For a detailed tutorial on how to make these for your little one(s), pop on over to CBC Parents and read our Surprise Balls for New Years Eve post.” The aqua part is a link that will take you directly to the full tutorial when clicked on. I hope that makes sense!!

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