Simple Egg Carton Letter Sound Sort

Simple Egg Carton Letter Sound Sort | Mama Papa Bubba

Since a home recycling service doesn’t exist here in Kuwait, I save all sorts of food packing items, hoping to find them some sort of second purpose before they end up in the bin.  My hoarding usually serves me well and I’m almost always able to help out when fellow community members put out calls for recyclables to use in their classrooms, but sometimes my stash just gets out of control.  Such is the current situation with my egg carton stash.  It’s out of control, which means that there will most likely be many egg carton projects and activities in our near future, the first of which is a super simple egg carton letter sound sort. 

IMG 7779

Lucky for me, Miss G really enjoys both making and playing with homemade games, so this one was a hit.

For all of the details and ways to best support your child during play, see our Simple Egg Carton Sorting Game post on CBC Parents.

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One thought on “Simple Egg Carton Letter Sound Sort

  1. Ha ha! If it’s any consolation … Now I’ve sorted jy studio over the last few weeks, I have tubs full of ripped wrapping paper to use in collages, my recycle box full of egg cartons etc, etc and many more tubs full. What used to be a couple of shelves of my art equipment has double to serve my daughter. It feels good to be using all these things and you’ve now given me another idea. It’s something similar to what we do at Montessori Play Group. Thank you!!!

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