Sooooo….  We have some news to share, but instead of sharing it myself, here’s us telling Miss G last week.  She didn’t want to sit and chat initially {I mean, hey – whose got time for sitting nowadays, right?!}, but her reaction is pretty priceless.

Hahaha!  I think I could watch this again and again forever.  That grumpy little face turned wide-eyed smile just melts me and I’m so glad she’s happy.

IMG 6868

IMG 6870

Canada, here we come.

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8 thoughts on “Big News

  1. As a grandma, I can just imagine how happy your family is to hear this news. She sure seemed happy at the thought of Canada!

  2. I have been following for a while now but rarely leave comments. First I just want to say thanks for all the wonderful work you share with us and Second that I am reaaalllyyy haaaaapppyy for you and your family. As I am sure a lot of your family and friends, I am thrilled for you. God Bless you!!!!!

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