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Gracen and I quite like The Scientific Center here in Kuwait…  It’s an aquarium, discovery centre {much like a science centre back home}, and IMAX theatre all in one, and a great place to visit when you’re wanting to avoid the inevitable dust and heat that comes with living in the desert.  We usually make a morning of it and arrive for opening {I love that it opens for 9 instead of 10 like most places do}.  We roam slowly through the aquarium, then move onto Discovery Place, and finish off with a walk outside to see the dhow boats and a stop at Starbucks at the end.  Ooh – and then a stop at the gift shop on the way out  of course – this may just be my favourite part as they have all kinds of really cool things.  It’s sort of sad to say, but unlike many places in Kuwait, The Scientific Center is very well-kept and always clean, which is a nice change {and why we’re happy to go so regularly}.  We enjoy it so much, in fact, that we just buy the annual memberships and visit once a month to every 6 weeks or so.  For us, if all we do is the aquarium and Discovery Place, we’ve paid for our memberships in just 5 visits, so it’s well worth it.  Not to mention that having a membership gives you 20% off of all the very cool things in the gift shop, which is a pretty big deal if you love non-fiction books, miniature creatures, magnets, and other awesome things.

Here’s today’s visit in photos…  The Discovery Place was closed due to an exhibit change, but we still had a great time and will be back to check out what all the ‘Bon Appetit’ theme will include very soon.

IMG 8041

IMG 8047

IMG 8050

IMG 8054


IMG 8063

IMG 8066

IMG 8067

IMG 8069

IMG 8071

IMG 8074

IMG 8076

IMG 8077

IMG 8096

IMG 8098

IMG 8103

IMG 8107

IMG 8113

IMG 8114

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