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Mmmm…. Chocolate.  Miss G and I made a batch of our super simple chocolate play dough {but added cream of tartar and glycerine since we had it on hand} for our recent Valentine’s tea, and took it out again this afternoon for some fun and easy play. Grae decided that she wanted to open a play dough chocolate shop, so that’s what we did. 

IMG 8797

Armed with some heart-shaped ice cube trays, some plastic chocolate moulds, a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters and some heart-shaped gems, she began making all sorts of lovely chocolate treats to fill her shop with.

IMG 8798

IMG 8801

IMG 8805

They almost look good enough to eat, don’t they?  I can’t tell you how good they smelled too!

IMG 8810

IMG 8816

IMG 8818

When we’d made enough play dough chocolates for her liking, she went on a mission to collect a cash register and some money and put me in charge of creating a sign that said ‘Gracen and Jennifer’s Chocolate Shop.  It is called Lush.’  Hah!  Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants. ☺

IMG 8819

IMG 8821

With that, we were open for business!  Luckily for us, Papa arrived home just in time to be our first customer and hand over the contents of his wallet. ☺

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