Our 5th Annual Mamas and Munchkins Valentine’s Tea

When Miss G was just a teeny tiny fuzzy-headed 5 month old, we began the tradition of having some mama and munchkin friends over for a Valentine’s tea.  It was nothing fancy… Just some coffee, tea, treats, and little cuties rolling around on a carpet while us moms chatted over cups of caffeine.  After that first tea, we took the tradition home to Canada with us where the tea became more about mamas chasing their busy-bodied toddlers and less about visiting while sipping hot cups of coffee, but we loved it just the same {2012 | 2013}.

Well, today we hosted our fifth annual mamas and munchkins Valentine’s tea {hard to believe that’s even possible!}, which means we’ve officially had more of these little celebrations here in Kuwait than at home in Canada {sort of crazy also}.  Sadly, Miss G woke up with a nasty cough yesterday and despite my willing it to disappear overnight, it didn’t.  She woke up sicker than ever this morning, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to go through with the tea, of course.  Luckily, I had messaged all of the moms yesterday to give them a heads up, and since almost all of Grae’s friends go to nursery or school and are exposed to sick germs daily, they still wanted to come {woohoo – what a sad tea it would have been with just the two of us!}

IMG 8645

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Grae got dressed in the Valentine’s Day outfit of her choice and slurped up 3 strawberry apple ginger smoothies while I finished final food preparations {hello, 40 mini heart-shaped pizzas!}, and then the wait for her friends began.

IMG 8651

She was beyond excited to see the first of her friends pull up to our building and promptly answered the door when it rang.

IMG 8643

IMG 8644

Activity-wise, we kept things really simple this year.  Grae requested a ValenSLIME station as well as a chocolate play dough station, so we put together both of those, plus a little Valentine creation station similar to the one we do every year.  Beyond that, the little ones enjoyed our work bench, play kitchen, doctor’s station, and fairy tale fort, plus whatever they could find in Miss G’s room.

It was simple and lovely.  Our friends brought the most delicious treats to share, us mamas got to do some visiting while playing with / supervising / chatting with the little ones, and everyone seemed to have a good time {including Grae who did request for me to lay and cuddle with her a couple of times during the tea, but was in good spirits nonetheless}.

IMG 8642

Just before her little friends left, Grae proudly handed out her glow stick arrow and heart valentines and then said goodbye.

IMG 8663

As you’d expect, our apartment was an absolute disaster after a fun-filled morning with a dozen toddlers and preschoolers, but I don’t mind those sort of messes in the least.  I laid Miss G down for what I was certain would become a nap {it didn’t} and Brad walked in the door just in time to help tackle the aftermath {with macarons and Lush in hand, no less}. ☺

Another lovely Valentine’s tea in the books.  Next year’s tea?  Back in Canada!


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One thought on “Our 5th Annual Mamas and Munchkins Valentine’s Tea

  1. I’ve only just worked out what the little (red) circular things are with the (white) hearts cut out are. I thought they looked great but knew you weren’t one for sugary treats … Maybe on occasions … It’s those little cheeses (can’t think what they’re called as we don’t have them in our house but maybe I should). What a fantastic idea!!! What a lovely way to share another special occasion.

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