Glow Stick Heart and Arrow Valentines

Glow Stick Heart and Arrow Valentines | Mama Papa Bubba

When I asked Gracen what she’d kind of valentines she’d like to make for her friends this year, she quite surely responded with ‘Something fun with glow sticks!’, which is how our glow stick heart and arrow valentines came about.

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I’m pretty certain she based her choice on the black cats {with glow stick whiskers} we made this past Halloween, so we sort of stuck to the same idea.  Glow sticks and sparkly craft foam, but this time with a Valentine’s Day twist!

IMG 8380

After going to our local variety shop to pick up a bunch of glow sticks, we headed to our craft shelf to pick out our sparkly craft foam colours.

IMG 8383

IMG 8385

Then Grae grabbed a large heart-shaped cookie cutter from the kitchen and began ‘stamping’ the non-sparkly side of the foam with hearts while I began cutting them out.

IMG 8388

IMG 8389

Next up, we needed to turn our glow sticks into arrows.  To do so, I simply cut out two triangle shapes and two fletching shapes, then Grae helped me glue them onto our glow sticks using our cool-touch glue gun.  While we were working, Miss G reminded me to be careful not to crack / activate the glow sticks as that would take the fun away from her little friends {bless her sweet little soul}.

IMG 8411

I contemplated many different ways of attaching the arrows to the hearts, but in the end, the easiest, most effective way turned out to be simply glue gunning them to the backs at an angle.  Of course Grae loved this too as it meant more time with the glue gun in hand. ☺

IMG 8404

Aren’t they pretty??

IMG 8406

We both agreed that they were gorgeous as is, but for a slightly more personal touch, we decided to add a small message with a ‘♥ Gracen’ at the bottom.  I suggested both ‘You make my days BRIGHT!’ and ‘You make my heart GLOW!’, and Miss G decided on the latter because, ’they’re GLOW sticks after all, Mama!’  Hah!  Together we designed these little medallions on the computer and then printed them on white card stock.

IMG 8408

Then Grae picked out her glowiest {that’s totally a word} crayon and worked on colouring in some of the ‘GLOW’ words.

IMG 8412

Then we simply attached them to the centre of our sparkly hearts with a thin ring of {not} hot glue.

IMG 8417

To remove the excess glue strings, we gave them a quick blast with the blow dryer, and they were done!

IMG 8419

IMG 8422

Now to wait until our annual Valentine’s tea to hand them out….  {Someone’s a wee bit excited!}

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