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Washi Tape Heart Art | Mama Papa Bubba

This little project totally came about on a whim this morning while Miss G and I were hanging out at home, but I think it turned out adorably and Grae had a blast making her washi tape heart art piece, so I’m calling it a win.  Not to mention that the project is great for building fine motor skills too, so double win.

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To start off, Grae and I collected some materials.  While I was busy digging through our huge collection of washi tape, Gracen rounded up a pencil, a pair of scissors, a piece of whit me card stock before rifling through our cookie cutter collection to find a big heart that she liked.

IMG 8321

Without a doubt, the fact that this project gave Miss G freedom to use as much washi tape as her little heart desired is what made it a hit.  {We LOVE washi tape!}

IMG 8322

IMG 8324

Working alongside me, Grae got started by placing her cookie cutter in the centre of her card stock square, holding it down firmly, and tracing around its outside edge.  Then I traced over her heart shape to make the line nice and dark and we flipped the card stock over.

IMG 8327

Using the outline on the other side of the paper as a guide, she set off to work to create her washi tape art.  I didn’t offer any instructions for this part…  Instead, I just worked on my own heart project nearby and let her interpret hers as she saw fit.  I was a little surprised when I saw her creating a washi tape outline first {I approached my heart quite differently}, but that’s the beauty of art – there is no wrong and no right way.

IMG 8331

{A peek at my heart…}

IMG 8328

After completing her outline to her satisfaction, Grae selected another roll of washi tape {one of my personal favourites} and began filling in the centre of her heart.

IMG 8329

IMG 8330

At first, she began cutting random lengths of tape to try to fill the heart with, but when that didn’t work out as well as she hoped it would, she moved to keeping the tape on the roll, placing it down on one side of the heart, and snipping it off only once she’d rolled it out to the other side.  {I love watching munchkins problem solve!}

IMG 8334

Here’s the finished product…  Cute, right?  We’ve already added it to our art wall – using washi tape, of course. ☺


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