Our Easter {2015}

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With it being spring break currently, this year’s Easter fun was sort of spread out over several days to accommodate meet-ups with friends and some planned family outings.  Not that Miss G minded one bit…  I’m pretty sure she would have continued the celebration all week long if she could! ☺  

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Our Sunday morning started out bright and early with a hunt for Grae’s Easter basket, and this year we went with a scavenger hunt of sorts instead of just letting her find it like we did last year.  Being the clever little thing that she is, finding her basket was a breeze despite Papa’s tricky clues!

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She was absolutely thrilled to discover it in Brad’s wardrobe and carefully went through each item, trying them out as she went along {hello, dark chocolate bunny!}

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I love collecting things for her basket {it’s actually something I work on over several months instead of all at once}, and this year we were extra lucky to have Grandma Charlotte bring all kinds of lovely treats from Canada that we can’t get here in Kuwait.

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The contents varies year to year, but I almost always include a new book, an Easter dress, something to create with, and a pair of sunglasses and a hat for the impending heat.  Plus treats.  Always treats.

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After opening everything in her basket, she and Brad read  her new book, put together her new Lego set, and played with a few other new things before we headed out to our egg hunt and party with friends.

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By the end of that, we were pretty much Eastered-out for the day, so we saved our family egg hunt for Monday morning.  Usually, we have a big hunt for all of the kids in our complex, but it fell through this year and so we decided to go ahead and do our own.  {I mean, who’s going to say no to another egg hunt, right??}

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Though it’s been an extremely mild year weather-wise, the heat has really kicked up a notch within the last couple of days, so we headed downstairs early before it got too hot and Miss G got straight to work.

IMG 0277

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Knowing that there were 14 eggs in all, she attempted to keep count of how many eggs she had found and how many she had left to find with each new discovery.

IMG 0281

IMG 0282

IMG 0284

Some of them were trickier than others…

IMG 0286

IMG 0289

IMG 0293

IMG 0294

But she managed to find 11 of the 14 on her own before paying Papa kisses for clues. ☺

IMG 0296

IMG 0297

IMG 0298

IMG 0305

IMG 0313

Eventually found them all and we headed back upstairs to see what was inside.

IMG 0318

It goes without saying that she wasted no time getting started on the opening process…

IMG 0327

Inside, she discovered these adorable Safari mini creatures…

IMG 0333

A few matchbox cars…

IMG 0334

And all kinds of other goodies.

IMG 0338

There was even a few dark chocolate eggs I had managed to find at Dean & Deluca this year!

IMG 0335

Afterwards, we finished off our Easter weekend with a trip to the aquarium and a walk along the corniche, where we sat under the shade of a tree and Grae ran around on freshly cut grass with bare feet {both big treats in Kuwait and a lovely way to end our weekend!}


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