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Rainbow Water Xylophone | Mama Papa Bubba

As we stared out the window at the blanket of dust covering Mahboula and wondered what to do with the last bit of our day today, I realized that we’d have to come up with something fun to do indoors.  Selfishly, I wanted it to be something that was fairly quick and easy to pull together, but at the same time, I wanted it to be something that would keep Miss G happily engaged for a while. That’s when I remembered all of the glass milk bottles I’ve been squirrelling away for the last several months in hopes of putting them to good use.  I figured they’d be perfect for creating a rainbow water xylophone and it really doesn’t get much easier than filling a bunch of glass jars with water and a couple of drops of food colouring, does it?!

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So that’s just what we did.  After filling the bottles with different amounts of water and adding some liquid food colouring to make rainbow colours {Grae loved that part}, we brought our filled milk bottles to the kitchen table and lined them up beside one another making sure to leave a little bit of space in between each.


We also brought along a metal straw, a couple of hard plastic reusable straws, a couple of wooden chopsticks, and some teaspoons to use as mallets and Gracen got started with her music making.



At first, she experimented with tapping the bottles in different ways to make different types of sounds…


Then she experimented with some different types of ‘mallets’ and compared the types of sounds they made.  All of our options actually worked very well, but she particularly enjoyed having a mallet in each hand so that she could create double the noise. ☺


Then, before long, we had her iPod and speakers out and she was accompanying some of her very favourite songs…  Talk about jamming out!  {We won’t mention the fact that things got so intense that a spill clean-up and yellow water refill were required. ☺}


When it came time for me to prepare dinner, the water xylophone came with us.  Grae moved a small table into the kitchen, then brought the bottles over one-by-one, and provided musical entertainment all the way through my lasagna soup preparations.  Such a simple activity idea, but it was a total hit in our house!

And to get an idea of what our rainbow water xylophone sounded like, here are a couple of clips of my little musician in action…




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