A Visit to the Kuwait Towers


It’s hard to believe that we really only have a couple of months left in Kuwait.  The last time we left, I had a feeling that we may return one day {though I had no idea it’d be so soon}, but that’s not happening this time around.  Our time here is nearly done and there will not be a round three.  So, with that in mind, we’ve been trying to get out and enjoy Kuwait as much as possible in these final months.  

Today, we headed to the Kuwait Towers, one of the country’s most famous landmarks.  They’ve been closed for nearly 3 years now {for renovations} and though they were supposed to reopen in February during the National / Liberation Day holiday, they never did.  Rumour had it that they were supposed to then open on March 10th, but that day came and went and when our friends visited last week, the guard they spoke to said that they would ‘open in 80 days maybe’.  Hah!   The whole situation is very ‘Kuwait’.  Either way, we went knowing that we wouldn’t be going up to the top of the tower, so we weren’t disappointed.  It was fun for Grae to get to see them up close however, and the surrounding area is beautiful, so we enjoyed the flowers, the sea view, and a little stroll before continuing on with the day’s adventures.  Here are a few photos I snapped during our visit…







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  1. I just left a comment on your contact page that this and the Xylophone post wasn’t working but it seems to be now. I can’t seem to get back onto the contact page to let you know.

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