Colourful Painted Handprint Keepsakes

Colourful Painted Handprint Keepsakes | Mama Papa Bubba

Yay!  Another round of Preschool Book Club with our lovely friends – Buggy and BuddySugar AuntsFrogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, and Homegrown Friends!

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Miss G and I absolutely adore I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! by Karen Beaumont, so we couldn’t wait for this week to finally roll around.  If you haven’t read it yet, it’s about a little artist who can’t help but paint – especially when it comes to painting himself!  It’s full of rhyme, rhythm, vibrant colours, and a little bit of naughtiness too, which makes for a really fun and interactive read aloud.

IMG 0941

The illustration of the boy’s painted hand is one of Miss G’s favourites, and it’s actually what inspired us to create our colourful paint handprint keepsakes.  {Not to mention the fact that we’ll pretty much take any opportunity we can to create something that involves handprints, footprints, or fingerprints…}

IMG 0903
IMG 0904

To start off, we rolled out some Prang DAS air-dry clay quite thin {about a half a centimetre thick maybe?} and traced Miss G’s hands onto the surface of the clay using a pencil.  {This part of the project is almost identical to the way we made our adorable hand-shaped ring dish, except for the fact that the clay needs to be thicker for the ring dish.}

IMG 0911

Then, using a small sharp knife, I carefully cut the hand shape out.

IMG 0914

While Miss G created several of her own clay creations, I smoothed out the edges of our hand shapes by dipping my finger in a little bit of water and running it along the sides of the shape.

IMG 0939

After letting our handprints dry for a full 24 hours {and flipping them periodically}, we were ready to paint!

IMG 0943

Before painting, Grae and I read the book once more and soaked in all sorts of inspiration from the illustrations.

IMG 0947

IMG 0952

Then it was time to paint!  We got out an assortment of acrylic paints and decided that we’d cover the handprints with a base of colour, let them dry, and then go back and add our designs, splatters, and patterns on top afterwards.

IMG 0959

Acrylic paint tends to dry really quickly {especially here in the desert}, so the whole process didn’t take that long.

IMG 0961

In the end, our colourful painted handprint keepsakes looked like this…

IMG 0962

Definitely something you’d see in I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More, I think. ☺

IMG 0964

IMG 0974

In order to display our hands, we got out our favourite Scotch removable mounting squares, a square shadow box from Ikea, a square of thick white card stock to fit inside the frame.

IMG 0968

Then we simply pressed the colourful painted handprint firmly down onto our card stock, placed the card stock into our shadow box, and voilà!

IMG 0977

A beautiful handprint keepsake to display in Miss G’s eclectic little room.

IMG 0980

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5 thoughts on “Colourful Painted Handprint Keepsakes

  1. Hi!
    Did you purchase this in Kuwait? It’s such a pain t be able to find books like this here and I find myself going to Amazon all the time. If you could, please share where you get your little girls books from, I’d love to get smy me of them for my kids too. Thanx!

    1. Hi Zaakiyyah,

      Unfortunately, this one was bought in Canada and brought along, as most of our books were. I agree – finding good books here in Kuwait is very hard. It can be hit or miss, but we often have luck at Spectrawide {above Mothercare in Salmiyah}, Jarir Bookstore {in Hawally Park}, at the bookstore just off of Jashanmal in the basement of 360 Mall, and with ‘Little Readers’ on Instagram.

      Good luck!

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