Play Dough LEGO Minifigures {an invitation to create}


Play Dough LEGO Minifigures | Mama Papa Bubba

While I didn’t have anything LEGO-inspired planned for today, Miss G and I had a little bit of downtime this afternoon and while brainstorming, we remembered the laminated LEGO people printouts we paired with plasticine for last summer’s house boating trip…. Perfect! 

IMG 1008

We already had several batches of our favourite no-cook play dough on hand, so we jumped on the computer, found a template we liked {there are tons available – just Google ‘LEGO minigifure template’}, printed it off, and laminated it with our home laminator.

IMG 1012

Grae retrieved our collection of LEGO minifigures for inspiration, and began creating!

IMG 1016

IMG 1020

IMG 1021

I think I enjoyed watching her create her play dough LEGO girl just as much as she enjoyed creating her.

IMG 1025

After completing her own, Miss G asked if she could come and help me work on mine.

IMG 1030

After helping me create this guy’s clothes, she decided that he needed a wrench and that clouds and grass were a must too. ☺

Creating play dough LEGO minifigures is a ton of fun and something we’ll definitely be playing with for the next several weeks!


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3 thoughts on “Play Dough LEGO Minifigures {an invitation to create}

  1. Hi! Love this sooooo much! I can’t find where to download the lego person mat though. Perhaps I just missed the link, the font color of the page is hard for me to read (colorblind). Any chance that you could point me in the right direction, it would be so appreciated :o)

    1. Hi Caro! Totally not you – I didn’t actually provide a link as I contacted the owner of the image I used to get permission to share it and I haven’t heard back yet. Just Google “LEGO man template” and several options will come up under the ‘Images’ heading. :D

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