LEGO Minifigure Mini Bath Station

LEGO Minifigure Mini Bath Station | Mama Papa Bubba

Okay, so I’m fairly certain we’ve gone off the deep end with this LEGO minifigure mini bath station, but hey – Miss G loved it. In fact, she thought it was the cutest, silliest, most fun thing ever!  Win.

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After a week full of LEGO-inspired fun, I looked into our LEGO bin today in search of some inspiration…  What came to me?  The fact that our minifigures were not looking as squeaky clean as they did at the beginning of the week {most likely due to endless rounds of our LEGO imprint matching game I’m guessing.}

IMG 1046
So, for our fifth and final LEGO week activity, I decided we’d give our LEGO minifigures a bath!  Miss G loves when we set-up a baby bath station using her doll, plus she adores all things mini, so I knew she would just love this.

Since it was quiet play time, I set up the invitation to play on my own and then surprised Grae with it when she was done.  To start with, I retrieved a plastic soap dish to act as our tub, then cut a tiny little sponge from a kitchen sponge, and a tiny little cloth from a bigger one.

IMG 1042

Then I took out a couple of teeny tiny squeeze bottles we used to hold soya sauce at her Japanese-themed birthday party a couple of years back and filled one with castle soap and one with watered down dish soap in order to create ‘body wash’ and ’shampoo’.  I then rounded up a couple of brushes from one of our LEGO Friends sets, as well as a tiny chunk of soap and a plate to serve as soap dish.

IMG 1051

To finish off our mini bath station, I cut out two mini towels from a really inexpensive fleece Ikea blanket we purchased for dollhouse accessories, added a bath mat {also from Miss G’s bookshelf doll house}, a squeeze bottle full of water, and our collection of mini figures.

IMG 1053

Then it was time to show it to Gracen!

IMG 1054

I wish I would have captured her expression whn she first saw it…  It was the best.  So much excitement and oohing and ahhing involved!

IMG 1058

Of course, she set off straight to work bathing her minifigure crew.

IMG 1055

IMG 1062

IMG 1065

Each one got the full treatment – a  body wash, a good shampooing, and a thorough rinse before being wrapped tightly in a warm towel.

IMG 1066

Before long, each of her LEGO minifigures was sparkly clean and she was asking to do the activity again the next day!


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2 thoughts on “LEGO Minifigure Mini Bath Station

  1. Oh my how completely wonderful! You never fail to amaze me with all your ideas!
    Such a blessed little girl to have such wonderful parents! What a rich, vibrant,creative world you have and are creating for her!
    And we are blessed that you share your ideas!
    As a teacher I was thinking what a wonderful way for children to engage in a fine motor activity and have the best time!
    When I was little I remember,even now, my Mother used to create similar worlds for me and I value it so much as an adult!

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