LEGO Play Dough Imprint Matching Game

LEGO Play Dough Imprint Matching Game | Mama Papa Bubba

LEGO.  Miss G’s been into it in a big way for sometime now, so when some blogging friends made mention of an entire week dedicated to LEGO-inspired fun, I jumped aboard as quickly as I could.  

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First off, I often get asked about how our LEGO collection is so colourful compared to some, and the answer is that for every LEGO Bricks and More Brick Box we’ve purchased, we’ve purchased another Pink Brick Box.  Do I like that LEGO felt the need to create a second line of bricks marketed towards girls?  Absolutely not.  BUT – we love building and we love colour even more, so we just buy both in order to create a rainbow-esque collection of bricks that I think all kids would love.  And once we’re back home in Canada where there’s tons more variety, we’ll most likely just buy the LEGO Classic Creative Brick Boxes that include all of the lovely LEGO colours.

As for our activity, Miss G and I have done play dough imprint matching games for ages now and we both absolutely love them.  While we’ve used Safari Toob creatures and seashells in the past, this time we decided to switch it up in order to create a LEGO play dough imprint matching game for LEGO Week.

IMG 0761

To get started, I dug through our LEGO collection and found several pieces that would each create a unique imprint in the play dough.

IMG 0758

IMG 0764

Then we took some of our essential oil play dough {made with our favourite basic play dough recipe plus Wilton gel colourings and lavender, lemon, orange, and rosemary essential oils} and rolled a bunch of balls before gently flattening them out.

IMG 0766
Next, I used the LEGO pieces to create an imprint in each play dough pancake…

IMG 0767

And lined them up along the bottom of the tray before presenting it to Miss G.

IMG 0773

As soon as I gave her the go ahead, she began matching the LEGO pieces with the play dough imprints.

IMG 0779

IMG 0780

Some were very easy to match up and others required a bit more thought, but she got them all and had fun figuring out the orientation of each piece in order to have them match perfectly.

IMG 0783

Then it was my turn!  The little monkey asked me to turn away and not look while she created a LEGO play dough imprint matching game for ME!

IMG 0785

Here’s her creation…  Of course I happily took my turn while she cheered me on in the most genuine of ways!  {Love her.}


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