Cupcake Liner Flower Wreath

Cupcake Liner Flower Wreath | Mama Papa Bubba

Our apartment door has a little hook attached to the middle of it, so naturally, it needs a wreath.  In the fall we usually have our poppy wreath out there, then in winter we switch it up for the Christmas wreath Miss G made long ago, and then in spring, we usually have a little egg carton flower wreath Miss G made back when I was teaching classes at Bright Minds.  This spring, however, it was time for a change.  We needed something a little more bright and colourful {and we needed to use up all of the pretty Wilton cupcake liners we brought over from Canada}.

IMG 1002

So a few days ago while at home without a vehicle, we created this colourful cupcake liner flower wreath complete with golden sequins for ‘extra fanciness’ {as Miss G would say}.

IMG 1072

Isn’t it pretty for such a simple project?!

For our detailed tutorial, pop on over to CBC Parents and see our Cupcake Liner Flower Wreath post.


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