Hello, Heidelberg!

After dropping off our bags at our lovely little flat, filling our fridge with groceries, having some lunch, and a taking a family nap, we headed out to explore our home for the next week… Heidelberg.  There’s no doubt that we absolutely love it here.  We were here for Christmas 2013, we came back last Christmas, and this time around we figured we’d break up our long trip home to Canada’s west coast and spend some time seeing the city in the summertime.  Grae spent most of our walk pushing her face into flowers and soaking in their smell, filling her pockets with rocks and leaves, watching bees work, and collecting clover.  She’s just so thrilled to be surrounded by nature.  It’s going to be a good week.

Here are a few iPhone snaps from our day…

IMG 1909

IMG 1872

IMG 1908

IMG 1875

IMG 1877

IMG 1918

IMG 1919

IMG 1889

IMG 1894

IMG 1920

IMG 1898

IMG 1901

IMG 1902

IMG 1904

IMG 1921

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One thought on “Hello, Heidelberg!

  1. Gorgeous photos!!! Knowing how much my almost 4 year old likes nature, I bet Grae is over the moon and appreciates it even more than my daughter given the lack of it in Kuwait!!! Mine’s a nature babe through and through. They bring out even more of an appreciation for nature I must say!

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