Heidelberg Playground Tour

Since it’s Sunday today and most everything is closed on Sundays in Heidelberg, we decided to make today a bit of a playground tour day – a day filled with walking, exploring, playing, and visiting a few of our favourite playgrounds in the neighbourhood we stayed in during our first Christmas here.

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After walking across the river, our first stop was Spielplatz am Mönchhonfplatz, a fun playground with a giant slide, a great saucer swing, and a natural water feature. Despite the fact that Miss G had no interest in going down the huge slide she happily went down when 3, she loved the swings and playing with some of the other kiddos at the park.

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Afterwards it was off to a little wooden fire engine play area in Marktplatz Neuenheim.  While small, Miss G always enjoys this one and I really like that it’s surrounded by wooden benches and cute cafes, bakeries, and bars. ☺  We didn’t stay long, but we actually ended up visiting the fire engine once more at the end of the day too.

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Our last stop for the day {and the place we spent most of our time} was the park directly across from Heidelberg Appartements, the flats we stayed in during our first Christmas here.  This playground is always a blast and it was so nice to be back after spending so much time here a couple of winters ago.  It’s got fabulous play structures, lots of swings, tons of sand to dig in, and a big green space in the back, so there’s really no way you can’t love it.  Not to mention the fact that it’s always filled with lovely families and loads of kids to play with, so well worth the walk in my books. 

IMG 1893

Such a lovely, slow Sunday filled with walking…  I have a feeling we’ll all sleep well tonight!

Tomorrow’s adventure?  Spending the day in Old Town.  Can’t wait!


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