Our Last Few Weeks in Kuwait…

Whew.  What a whirlwind few weeks.  Busy, but so, so good.  Being exam time, I tutored more than ever, plus we made time to do several special meet-ups with our closest friends, and I managed to sneak in several nights out with my girlfriends too.  During the days that Miss G and I were not busy making memories with friends, we sorted, organized, and cleaned our entire apartment top to bottom.  Important stuff made its way into our Canada shipment bins, some items were sold, and tons was given away.  In between, we cleaned a disastrous apartment a couple of floors up, moved the majority of our furnishings up, and set everything up for a new family coming to Kuwait.  We made scrapbooks for our closest friends, snuck in quick trips to some of our favourite spots around Kuwait, and were totally spoiled by our desert family.  On our very last full day in the country, several of our friends met us at the Jumeirah Beach Resort for a day of sunshine and swimming.  It was wonderful.  Afterwards, I snuck home to tuck Miss G in bed, did a few final jobs, snuck in a shower, and wrote a CBC post before heading out the door to a friend’s place for one last night with my mama friends.  We ate sushi, drank wine, gossiped, and said goodbye, and that was that.  Another chapter of adventures comes to a close…  Goodbye, Kuwait.  We’ll miss you.

IMG 1267Pizza making with friends.

IMG 1305A final day at the Hilton.

IMG 1356A scrapbook full of memories for a special friend.

IMG 1501Art by Miss G.

IMG 1507Packing officially in progress.

IMG 1521A last glimpse of our glowy Mahboula sunrise.

IMG 1558Packing break = a mama and Gracen bowling morning.

IMG 1559One last lunch at our favourite little falafel joint.

IMG 1664Kidzania {and silliness} with a special friend.

IMG 1726At our last ever preschool co-op meet-up.

IMG 1752A sugar-free sweet potato chocolate cake in honour of Miss G.  We have the very best friends.

IMG 1755Spoiled with lovely parting gifts.

IMG 1666Goodbye, lovely craft stash.

IMG 1665‘We are selling our stuff because we are moving.’  A sign created and hung outside our apartment by Miss G.

IMG 1676Disaster.

IMG 1700Packed and ready to be shipped home to Canada.

IMG 1715One last trim with our lovely hairstylist, Sophie.

IMG 1816So. freaking. hot.

IMG 1757Sushi lunch with my little lady.

IMG 1721Our final full day in the desert spent well…  At Jumeriah Beach Resort with friends.

IMG 1770Not wanting to call our last day quits…

IMG 1771Airplane entertainment packed and ready to go.

IMG 1768Done.

IMG 1817A final look at our home away from home, Mahboula.

IMG 1858So long, Kuwait.


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