Bobs & LoLo Wooden Spoon Puppets and Dirty Feet {their new album!}

Bobs  Lolo Wooden Spoon Puppets | Mama Papa Bubba

It’s no secret that we’re big music lovers in our house…  If we’re at home, it can pretty much be guaranteed that there’s some sort of music on.  Sometimes it’s the radio, sometimes it’s ‘adult’ music, and sometimes it’s kids’ music – so long as it’s not the ‘drive mama crazy’ variety.  ☺

Luckily, Miss G and I agree on several children’s artists that are both super fun and engaging for munchkins and parent friendly too {in that they’re full of great messages and won’t drive you mad when listened to on repeat} and Bobs & Lolo certainly fits the bill!  Miss G loves their catchy rhythms and silly lyrics and I love that they’re all about connecting little ones with the earth, appreciating the world around us, exploring your imagination, playing make believe, and getting your body moving {seriously… could they be any more up my alley?!}

IMG 2921

So when their brand new album, Dirty Feet, arrived on our doorstep last week, we were both thrilled.  Nothing better than some new summer music to enjoy while playing outdoors, working on art projects, road tripping, and moving house!   So far, Miss G’s favourite song on the album is the title track, Dirty Feet {see the cute music video here}, but I See and Hoot and Hop are currently sharing the second place ranking.

IMG 2915

Of course listening to all of these fun new songs ended up inspiring a fun project too…  A set of Bobs & Lolo wooden spoon puppets!  The idea struck me when I came across a big bag of brand new wooden spoons and I knew immediately that Miss G would love having a little Bobs & LoLo of her own to help her dance and act out the songs, so we gathered up our materials and set off to craft outdoors.  {Of course we grabbed Miss G’s iPod and docking station so we could listen to some Bobs & LoLo while we worked too! If you don’t have a copy yet, you can pick it up on iTunes, in HMV stores, and in the Bobs & LoLo webstore.}

IMG 2926

Using the Dirty Feet album art as inspiration, Miss G created Bobs and LoLo’s faces on the convex sides of our wooden spoons using a few simple things – a thin black sharpie, a pink crayon, some small googly eyes, and Aleene’s Tacky Glue {our favourite glue ever}.

IMG 2929

Then with a little bit of help from me {and our trusty glue}, she added a few strips of inexpensive chenille yarn to create their hair…

IMG 2934

And before long we had a little wooden Bobs and a little wooden LoLo. ☺

IMG 2943

But we weren’t done just yet.  Bobs and LoLo needed little light blue dresses just like on the CD, of course!

IMG 2945

For this part, I simply cut out little cape-shaped felt pieces, glued them in place on the front of the wooden spoon, and then had Grae help me secure them in the back.

IMG 2951

For our finishing touch, we added a little puffy paint daisy to the front of each felt dress…

IMG 2956

And with that, our Bobs and LoLo puppets were complete!

IMG 2959

Aren’t they sweet?!

Next up, we’re going to try and catch one of their shows during their North American tour.  We saw them live back in 2012 and it’s definitely time for another!  And since they’re Vancouver Island mamas, surely they’ll be playing a Vancouver show sometime soon, right?!  One can hope.

In the meantime, one lucky Canadian reader {excluding those in Quebec – so sorry!} will receive a copy of Dirty Feet  to enjoy themselves!  Entering is easy – just use the form below and we’ll pick a winner at midnight PST on August 17th, 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Readers may enter the contest across several participating blogs, but are only eligible to win once.  The winner can expect to receive his or her prize in 4 – 6 weeks.  Good luck!


Disclosure: I am part of the Bobs & LoLo Campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions in this post are all my own, of course.

10 thoughts on “Bobs & LoLo Wooden Spoon Puppets and Dirty Feet {their new album!}

  1. We’ve yet to discover Bobs & Lolo, but my little guy is always excited about new music (and new dance moves!)

  2. Wave Your Antlers is a favourite. You may enjoy Jam Sandwich too. They are local to us in Muskoka and we love listening to them.

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