A Weekend Getaway to Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs

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Call us crazy, but this weekend {after only having been in Vancouver for two days}, we left our new house heaped full of boxes and bins, packed up the vehicle, and headed out on a weekend get away to Harrison Hot Springs.  It had been years since I last visited, and Brad and Grae had never been, so we were all excited to check it out and spend the weekend just the three of us.  Armed with the basics, we made our way out to Springs RV Resort… an absolutely stunning luxury RV retreat just an hour and a half from the city and just a few minutes away from Harrison Lake.  

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Not being big RVers ourselves, I truly wasn’t sure of what to expect and let me tell you, we were very pleasantly surprised when we pulled into the resort.  Not only was our RV absolutely stunning {hello, gas fireplace, leather lounge chairs, and queen-sized bed!}, but the resort itself was just beautiful – and so much more than a usual RV site.

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As soon as we’d gotten settled in our home for the weekend, Miss G and I grabbed our umbrellas and headed out to explore.  It might have been pouring rain, but that wouldn’t stop us from visiting the kids’ playground, the community pavilion,  games area, and pools {seriously – pools!}

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What I noticed immediately is that the resort is so much more than a place to park your RV…  It’s a community.  A community where people smile.  A place where people say hello as they pass by.  A place where people stop to chat and welcome you.  It’s truly lovely and what we enjoyed most is that there was always something to do.  From community dinners to outdoor movie nights to walking groups to craft sessions and golf tournaments, there was  something for everyone.

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After touring around a bit, Miss G decided that we must take a swim before dinner, so that’s just what we {ahem…she and Brad} did {while I stayed warm and dry bundled up on the sidelines}.  ☺

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The following morning was all about art!  When Miss G and I learned that there was a Saturday morning craft hour each week, Grae was thrilled.  Despite once again waking up to pouring rain, craft hour was in fact on and Gracen was excited to see a bunch of kids gathered round the pool area creating rain art.  The ladies leading the group welcomed her warmly and she joined right in.

One of the things I appreciated most as a parent was the resort’s strict dead slow policy when it comes to traffic.  It meant that Miss G could very easily and safely cross the road from the area where the kids were drawing to the area where they were hanging their paintings in the rain without having an adult holding her hand and I’m pretty sure she thought it was the coolest thing ever.   Freedom! {If only just for a weekend…}

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Afterwards, the kids were all invited to take a ride on the resort’s super cool vintage carousel… Something Grae had been looking forward to since checking in the previous day.

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With the rain still coming down, we decided to spend the rest of the day taking advantage of the resort’s outdoor fireplaces and their GORGEOUS new 3-story clubhouse.  With darts and a pool table downstairs, a cozy seating area and several big tables on the main floor, and a library loft {complete with a gas fireplace} on the top floor, it was the perfect way to spend our afternoon.  Of course we couldn’t resist the outdoor fireplace either, so we borrowed a stack of books from upstairs, cuddled up by the fire, and read the entire stack at least twice.

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Our second evening was finished off with another carousel ride and visit to the playground where Grae met up with several friends she’d played with earlier in the day and convinced us to let us stay up past her bedtime because she was having so much fun.

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As luck would have it, we woke up on our final day in Harrison to blue, sunny skies so we took full advantage and spent the day exploring the village of Harrison Hot Springs {more to come on that very soon!}

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We had an absolutely lovely stay at Springs RV Resort and I’d highly recommend it to RV owners looking for more than just a regular RV site.    Springs RV Resort offers overnight rentals, seasonal leases, and sites for purchase {all at very reasonable rates} and is now rated one of the top RV resorts in North America.  Definitely worth checking out!

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