Frozen-Themed Play Dough Kit

Frozen themed Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

I’m pretty sure Gracen’s obsession with Frozen has reached an all-time high recently.  She’s always really enjoyed the movie, but since removing the YouTube app from her iPad a while back, I’m fairly certain she’s spent at least a portion of her allotted screen time watching it every single day.  Of course, when your start your day with a dose of Frozen, it translates into into a whole lot of Elsa dress-up, many Anna hairdo requests, non-stop ‘Let It Go’, and daily reenactments of the ‘do you want to build a snowman?’ scene {accompanied by plenty of door knocking}.  Welcome to our world.  

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Since I try my best to follow Grae’s lead when it comes to her interests, I thought it might be fun to merge two of her favourites – Frozen and play dough – to create a Frozen-themed play dough kit filled with several doughs, beautiful Frozen-inspired loose parts, and plenty of glitter. Miss G very enthusiastically agreed to my suggestion, of course.  In fact, she was thrilled.  I think she’s so used to creating homemade play kits to give away as birthday gifts that she was actually a little surprised that we were going to make one for her to keep this time around {poor munchkin}.

IMG 5257

To start off, we made 5 half batches of our favourite no-cook play dough {but skipped the Kool-Aid and used liquid neon food colouring} in 3 shades of teal / aqua, a lavender sort of colour, and white.  Each batch also included a generous amount of coordinating glitter and a teaspoon of vanillin, though Miss G was quick to notify me that real ice and snow does not {and would not – even in Frozen} smell like vanilla. Hah!

IMG 5260

Here’s our play dough when it was done and cooled…  Pretty, right?

IMG 5264

A couple of days previously, we’d visited one of our favourite craft shops to pick up some Frozen-inspired loose parts, and though we didn’t find the iciclessnowflakes, and confetti I was hoping for, we came away with some aqua pearl beads, some light blue star-shaped gems, and some greenish acrylic beads that sort of resemble icicles {hey -beggars can’t be choosers – especially here in Kuwait!}

IMG 5267

IMG 5269

We decided we’d house our play dough an accessories in one of the GLIS boxes (Canada | US | Kuwait) I’d been hoarding since our last Ikea trip, and with that, Miss G got organizing.

IMG 5271

IMG 5273

In addition to our loose parts from the craft store, we raided our craft supply shelves and found all kinds of fun confetti and sequins that fit our Frozen theme perfectly, so Grae mixed up a couple of little containers of those too.

IMG 5286

IMG 5288

IMG 5276

Just for fun, we added in a couple of icy blue silicon cupcake liners we had in the kitchen, and with those, our Frozen-themed Play Dough Kit was complete!

IMG 5293

IMG 5284

My little Queen Elsa was pretty much bursting with excitement.

IMG 5298

IMG 5295

As soon as I gave her the go ahead, the play began.

IMG 5309

IMG 5310

There were ice palaces and Olafs and skating rinks and ice towers and my little Elsa was totally into it.

IMG 5312

In fact, she loves her new play dough kit so much that she’s already planning on creating another one to give to a fellow Frozen-obsessed friend because ‘it’s just so cool and beautiful and fun’.  ☺


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13 thoughts on “Frozen-Themed Play Dough Kit

  1. Hey Sarah! We actually just make sure this one is closed properly and leave it on the counter. This play dough recipe lasts for ages – at least a few months if stored properly, I’d say. :)

  2. Do you know how many drops of food colouring you used to get the different shades of teal? Which color(s) did you use?

  3. I had already decided I was giving homemade Playdough to the kids on my Christmas list, and then came across your blog today through Pinterest. Absolutely love your Playdough kits. I made 3 today. Frozen, dinosaur, and construction. And I’m plan to make a Fire fighters one if I find the right stuff. Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration.

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