Monster Slime Halloween Favours

Simple Monster Slime Halloween Favours | Mama Papa Bubba

This year Miss G was really torn between making spider web slime and monster slime Halloween favours for her preschool co-op friends, so we decided to both!  I think they both turned out absolutely adorably, but I especially love the simple little faces Grae created for these tubs of monster slime.

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Of course, first things first, we found and purchased the containers we wanted to use.  Here in Kuwait, we always get these types of containers at City Star {a variety shop of sorts}, but back home our go-to place would be the dollar store.  While we were there, we also grabbed some colourful paper to match our containers and a package of big fun, googly eyes.

IMG 5031

When we got home, I cut out paper circles to fit on the containers’ lids, as well as several sets of jagged white paper teeth.  Then I set the paper cut outs out along with some glue and our googly eyes, and Miss G began making funny little monster faces!

IMG 5052

While she worked on that, I modified our usual slime recipe to make 3 small batches of slime that coordinated with our container colours {green, purple, and orange}.

IMG 5048

Afterwards, Grae scooped out a big handful of slime into each container, stuck the monster faces onto the containers using a glue stick, and locked on the lids.

IMG 5046

Here’s her finished collection of monster slime Halloween favours…  They’re cute, aren’t they?

IMG 5049

Now to wait until our co-op Halloween celebration to hand them out. ☺

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