Spider Web Slime Halloween Favours

Spider Web Slime Halloween Favours | Mama Papa Bubba

Slime…  It’s probably Miss G’s favourite thing to give to her friends when Halloween rolls around each year.  I don’t blame her – it’s stretchy and gooey and just plain fun.  In the past we’ve done mini mason jars of pink sparkly slime for her ballerina friends and little Franken-SLIME containers for the kiddos that live in our building, and this year we’ve decided on two new types of slime giveaways for her buddies – the first of which is these spider web slime halloween favours.

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Making them was simple!  After picking up a bunch of inexpensive air-tight containers, some big plastic spiders, a gallon of white glue, and some Borax, we made a batch of white slime using our usual slime recipe {but leaving out the food colouring and glitter}. Then I simply put out the supplies and Miss G filled each container with a big handful of slime and placed a spider on top.

IMG 5104

Of course, when she was done we needed to test the spider web slime for ourselves, and just as we thought, it was tons of fun. ☺

IMG 5100

Now the one thing I will say is that while the ultra-glittery spiders Miss G picked out looked really cool sitting on top of the slime, the glitter caused the slime to stick to the spiders, which sort of made it a pain to take off.  The non-glittery spiders we had on hand, however, separated from the slime perfectly, so we’ll definitely use those next time around.

IMG 5041

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