Star Wars Play Dough Kit

Star Wars Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

Admittedly, neither Brad nor I are huge Star Wars fans…  But Miss G?  Well she’s recently become one thanks to this Cosmic Kids Yoga video. {Hah!}  So when she heard that the birthday party we’d been invited to this weekend was Star Wars-themed, she was absolutely thrilled.  Of course, when I asked what she’d like to get the birthday boy as a gift, she threw out ‘A STAR WARS PLAY DOUGH KIT!!!’ almost immediately {sorry friends, I promise to get her onto a non-play dough gift giving kick very soon} and then I realized how over my head I was…

Star Wars Play Dough | Mama Papa Bubba{this post contains affiliate links}

Thankfully, despite not being a huge fan, Brad was able to help Miss G and I come up with a few types of play dough to represent some of the locations featured in the Star Wars movies.  From what it sounds like, there are tons of possibilities, but we decided to go with a bright green dough for the forested {moon of} Endor, white sparkly dough for snowy Hoth, sand dough for desert-like Tatooine, plus some super fun swirled black and blue dough filled with sparkles and iridescent stars for the galaxy.

{The green dough is our favourite no-cook play dough made with gel colouring and no scent.  Detailed instructions for our similar galaxy dough can be found here.  Our white dough is our favourite no-cook play dough made without colouring or scent, but with loads of white iridescent glitter in it.  And our sand dough recipe can be found here – I looooove this recipe!}

IMG 3762

IMG 3764

IMG 3765

The favourite by far?  Our beautifully swirled and sparkly galaxy dough.  Isn’t it gorgeous??  The key to this one, without a doubt, is the black Wilton gel food colouring.  {Honestly, I wouldn’t even attempt it with the regular liquid stuff.}

IMG 3770

Also with loads of help from Brad, Miss G and I picked up several Star Wars Micro Machines sets.  While I think you could go with just about any set, we tried to make sure we had a couple of characters / vehicles to go with each of our locations – Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, and the galaxy.  Once we got them home, we decided not to include all of the pieces {hello, Micro Machine overload!}, but now we have a whole bag of extra parts on hand should we make another Star Wars play dough kit in the near future.

IMG 3795

Lastly, we wanted to include some sort of generic loose parts that would extend the building / creating aspect of the play dough play, so we gathered up some glow-in-the-dark stars for the galaxy, a couple of Safari Toob trees for the moon of Endor, some rocks for Tatooine, and some light blue glass gems and clear acrylic gems for Hoth.

IMG 3782

When we placed everything into our GLIS container from Ikea {we alway use these for our play dough kits}, we put all of the galaxy parts into the largest spot in the container, then placed the three other doughs along in the top slot with their loose parts in the smaller sections directly in front of them.

IMG 3796

Before giving our gift, we did put the doughs into a couple of zip-close bags just to ensure that they were as fresh a possible, then we simply tied some baker’s twine around the container, added a little tag, and we were ready for the party. ☺


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6 thoughts on “Star Wars Play Dough Kit

  1. I love all of you kits, but this one is just ridiculously cute. I am sad that my kids are a few years too old to give these to everyone they know. But I may need to make a batch of that galaxy dough anyway …

  2. This is, seriously, so cute and creative! I will have to try this one. I just made the fall scented play dough kit, and my daughter loves it! Thank you for so many creative ideas!

  3. Hi Jen, I’ve been following your blog and instgram and I absolutely love how creative and thoughtful your posts are. I recently just ordered from amazon, “Exploring Books Through Play”. I am very excited for it to arrive. I was wondering if you would be able to let me know where you have purchased the cases from that you use to make up each play doh kit.
    Many thanks in advance,

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