‘Baby Salmon’ Finally Has a Name!

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It’s been a long time coming, but finally… Meet our sweet baby Sam!

Goodness gracious…  It took us long enough, didn’t it?  The truth is, Sam was the one and only name Brad and I had talked about on the night our baby boy made his surprise arrival.  I forget which one of us mentioned it, but we were sitting up in my hospital room amidst our whirlwind evening {I think we were waiting for baby boy to have a procedure done before heading back down to the NICU} and we pretty much immediately agreed upon it.  It was perfect – simple, sweet, and perfectly suited to the little boy who’d been called Salmon for many months previous.  An easy transition and a name that honoured his big sister’s name choice.  But then it donned on me…  We couldn’t possibly call our little man Sam.  One of my very dear friends back in Kuwait has a little boy named Sam {well, Samuel actually, but he’s called Sam for short} and in my mind, you simply don’t name your little one the same name as a friend’s little one.  I felt silly for getting caught up in the moment and forgetting.

So back to the drawing board we went.  For weeks and weeks and weeks, we poured over boys names – Fletcher, Benson, Beck, Smith, Archer, among others – all of which could be lovely names, but none of which seemed to fit our little man.  While Brad was fairly set on Sam, I was sure that there had to be another name that would fit just as well and continued to put off naming our boy.  Something would just come to us, I thought.

Well, it didn’t.  After more than a month, not a single name seemed to fit.  Not a single name ‘just came to us’.  Time was ticking and our little man remained nameless day after day.  So how did we eventually make a decision?  It came down to someone finally asking me this – ‘When you sit and hold him and look at him, who do you see him as?’  The answer came tumbling out – Sam.  So there it was.  Nothing else fit because in my head, he was already Sam.  Thankfully when I talked to my friend in Kuwait she was more than gracious about us using the name Sam – excited for us even.  That settled it.  Sam it was {just as it was on the night he was born}.


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5 thoughts on “‘Baby Salmon’ Finally Has a Name!

  1. We have absolutely the same problem. In our friends family is Lucas and we would also like to choose this name for our boy, but I am still trying to find other name. At least we have 9 weeks to go and make decision.
    Thanks for post!:)i

  2. Lovely name Sam, it doesnt really matter here in Nigeria and Africa its a joy to share names,Sam1 and Sam2 or Sam Boy and Sam girl is what you’d say when u have play dates. I am glad all is well and he is much stronger

  3. Lovely name! It was the same when my husband and I named our girl. We had long decided that our first girl will be called Chloe, but still shortlisted a couple more names and finally agreed that we shall wait till she is born and see what name she looks after. Haha.

  4. Ahhh, names are funny things aren’t they? I totally understand your reluctance, but in my experience a very dear friend would probably have been honoured rather than annoyed?? When my sister-and-law and I were both pregnant at the same time it came to light that both couples had chosen ‘Nell’ as baby girl name…I was pretty blase about the whole thing and figured we’d just sort it out if it was going to be an issue at our gender scan…we don’t see each other that often so…turns out she went nuts behind the scenes and we wound up getting a phonecall from Husband’s mother!!
    In the end, all ridiculous because we had a boy!! Ha ha x

  5. Many years ago when expecting my first son, we’d selected “Matthew” as our first name choice. Turned out that several women in my birthing group had their boys first and named them that, so I just could not use it (remembering what it was like to have three or four same named girls in my classes growing up). So we opted for another name and that worked out fine. Almost four years later, our second child was about to be born, and we planned to name him “Luke”…until my baby sitter said, “oh like Luke, the guy who raped Laura on General Hospital!”. We deep-sixed that name due to prevailing pop culture, and so our second son went through a variety of names his first day in the world. None felt right. The night before we were to leave (and the records dept was going nuts about our baby having no name), my next door neighbor visited us. Hearing our dilemma, she said,” You know what name I love….’Matthew'”. Ah ha! Our lost favorite name….revived, and happily used for our second son! Such punctuated times for new parents! Best to you all and little Sam.

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