We’re Moving!

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…to a different NICU that is!  

This little man has just passed the 5 pound mark and the doctors think he’s doing well enough to be transferred to a level 2 NICU {a NICU for less needy babies}, so off we go.  Truthfully, I’m not thrilled about having to leave the hospital, nurses, doctors, and other NICU families we’ve come to love and be very comfortable with {dreading it in fact}, but it’s another step towards taking our sweet Sam home {and we don’t have a choice in th matter}, so we’ll take it.

As of now, it’s still up in the air as to when exactly we’ll be transferred, but it’s sounding like they’re aiming for tomorrow.  I’ve requested that it not be on Christmas Eve as I’ve already got my follow-up CT scan downtown at St. Paul’s that day, but it all depends on when ITT is available to transfer us via ambulance.  Fingers crossed all goes smoothly and we feel just as at home in Burnaby as we do here in Vancouver.


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