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Rhyming Pairs Matching Game | Mama Papa Bubba

One thing I’ve been trying my best to do since Sam’s come home is making a little time each day for Grae and I to do something fun together.  Just the two of us, with her having my full attention.  It’s not always easy as baby brother tends to be the type of baby who doesn’t love being put down, but so far we’ve been making it work.  By request of Miss G, we’ve done mini manicures, we’ve cooked up some yummy treats, we’ve taken our babies for a walk outside {okay, so that one involved Mr. Sam, but by her choice}, and we’ve done some art.  

Today’s request was playing a game together, and since her class has been exploring rhyming at school, I decided to put together a simple rhyming pairs matching game for us to enjoy after quiet play time.

IMG 4104

While I’m not typically a worksheet person, the upside of Miss G bringing home several from Kindergarten was that the brainstorming part of pulling the activity together was already done for me. ☺  I simply had to root through our collections of animal figures, LEGO pieces, and sensory bin supplies to find pieces that would work well in our game.

IMG 4103

In the end, this is what I came up with…

IMG 4105

Before starting, I explained that for the purposes of our game, the raisins stood for ‘box’ and the LEGO minifigure hair was to be a wig.

IMG 4108

And with that, she was off!

IMG 4111

IMG 4113

IMG 4116

It was fun to watch her connect objects to one another.  She’d find a match, ‘read’ the rhyme aloud, and place the objects on the tray together.  Easy peasy.

IMG 4118

Here’s her collection of rhyming pairs…  Cat/hat, fox/box, pig/wig, glue/shoe, chair/bear, tree/key, car/star, sock/block, shell/bell, and frog dog.
IMG 8603
Of course afterwards she went straight to adding her own pairs, which I loved.  Finding tiny objects around the house that rhyme isn’t the easiest job, but she was able to add fan/man, goat/note, snake/cake,  and bee/three.  Clever little thing!

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