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Coin Sorting Tray | Mama Papa Bubba

After our rhyming pairs matching game, Miss G asked to play another homemade game this afternoon.  With dinnertime nearing and a baby boy who needed one of his mama’s arms, it needed to be something super quick and easy to pull together, and that’s how this very simple coin sorting tray came about.  Admittedly, it’s more of an activity than a game, but Miss G didn’t mind in the least.  It meant that she got to play with money, which she’s been super interested in lately. That being said, since she’s spent the majority of her life living in the Middle East, Canadian currency is not something she knows much about just yet, so this was perfect for her.

IMG 4122

IMG 4124

All we did was gather up one of our divided plastic trays {the dollar store is a great place to find these}, a bunch of coins, and supplies to make some labels for the coin names.

IMG 4125

With the coins in the centre section and the labels taped in place, we got started.

IMG 4128

First Miss G went around the tray and read each of the labels to me.

IMG 4132

Then we talked a little bit about each of the coins – the colours, the sizes, the thicknesses, and the pictures included.  Miss G’s favourite part however?  That they all had ‘the REAL fancy queen’ on them. ☺

IMG 4133

With that, she began sorting.

IMG 4142

She’d investigate each coin first, call out its name, and then plunk it into the right section.

IMG 4144

It didn’t take her long to get them all sorted, so I’m thinking that we may start counting the value of different sets of coins next time around.

IMG 4145
And Miss G can’t wait.  When she was done with the coins I’d given her originally, she got another big handful from our coin bowl and then asked if she could empty out her piggy bank next. ☺


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