Baby Bubba is 3 Months Old!

IMG 4376

Today our sweet little Sam is 3 months old {and 5 days corrected}!  He’s currently 7 pounds 6 ounces and wearing newborn sized clothes and diapers.  He loves nothing more than being held and snuggled and is a big fan of having his bum patted and his head gently stroked.  He currently sleeps most of the day, likes being on his tummy, and can roll from his back to his front when on a mattress or other soft surface.  He doesn’t love sleeping all alone and has the saddest little cries and shrieks when his tummy is giving him troubles {which sadly is very often at this point}.  He does really well in the car, is super chilled out and content in a warm bath, and has been such a champ with his transition from the NICU to home.  It goes without saying that we love him endlessly.  

Here are some photos of our half awake / half asleep baby bubba at 3 months…

IMG 4379

IMG 4383

IMG 4392

IMG 4403

IMG 4404
IMG 4412

IMG 4416

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3 thoughts on “Baby Bubba is 3 Months Old!

  1. Growing fast. So cute! You got me on the feet … I just love, love, love babies feet (and hands), (and fingers), ESPECIALLY my little girls … STILL! Now she’s four. And I just love the way he’s lying there with his little knees tucked up underneath himself.

  2. Very sweet photos, thanks for sharing. Being a mother is a real gift that is not given to everyone. But medicine gives us amazing opportunities and hope for a brighter future. Together with ARK Cryo you get a chance to create a big family.

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