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Valentine s Card Creation Station | Mama Papa Bubba

Each year about a week or so before Valentine’s Day, I set out a Valentine’s card creation station for Miss G.  It changes a little bit year to year and the supplies have matured with her somewhat over the years {the valentine’s creative table she enjoyed at 2.5 can be seen here}, but overall the idea stays the same.  It’s simply a collection of inviting supplies set out for her to use as she wishes – no expectations, no prescribed outcome.

IMG 4189

Here’s this year’s station…  I sort of started with a red, pink, and aqua theme and ran with it, housing everything in one of our beloved GLIS boxes from Ikea {they’re the very best for homemade play dough kits!!}

IMG 4190{this post contains affiliate links}

Included are several card stock cards in pinks and reds, some envelopes and purchased blank cards, a pair of scissors, foam hearts, Pip Squeak markers, an assortment of washi tape, a heart stamp and stamp pad, and a list of friends’ names…

IMG 4192

As well as tons of little sticky-backed heart-shaped jewels.

IMG 4195

IMG 4197

Miss G was thrilled to find it on the table one day after arriving home from Kindergarten and set to work right away.

IMG 4204

By her request, we added a list of common Valentine’s Day words and phrases for her to use, as well as a bottle of our very favourite craft glue.

IMG 4205

IMG 4206

She’s come up with all kinds of fun ways to use the supplies so far, and I’m sure this is just the beginning as she’s now decided that each family member should have a mailbox to collect cards in. ☺  Looks like we’ve got our next project!

IMG 4208

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