Floating Balloon Play for Babies

Floating Balloon Play for Babies | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Oh my goodness…  At nearly 3 and a 1/2 months corrected, baby bubba is so much fun these days!  Beyond being super social and chatty, he’s really starting to play now, and I just love it.  

Today’s simple baby play idea turned out to be one of those things – something you just do on the spot and later discover that it’s already a Pinterest sensation – oops!  {You can see a very similar idea in action here and here.}  Oh well… I guess what matters is that baby boy absolutely loved it, and he really did.

IMG 3173

Our floating balloon play was inspired by the still-standing balloon I bought weeks ago for Valentine’s Day.  It’s been tied to the bannister in Sam’s nursery ever since, and he’s absolutely fascinated by it.  Even from the opposite side of the room, he’ll gaze at it, completely mesmerized as it slowly dances in the wind of the open window.

IMG 3193

With it being a Pro-D day and a chilled out playroom sort of morning, we decided to bring the balloon down for Sam to gaze at while lying on the comfy mattress we recently added to the space.  As I watched him watching it and flapping his arms up towards it, I figured why not gently tie it around one of his wrists?  So that’s what we did.  Doing so brought the balloon down closer to him and allowed him to experience cause and effect while getting in some object tracking practice too.

Here he is in action {with his big sis encouraging him in her ‘baby language’}…

IMG 3189

Now obviously balloons and long ribbons are not safe for babies to play with unless under very close supervision, but that goes without saying.  We could have cut our ribbon down so that there was no excess beyond his little wrist, but since I wasn’t leaving the mattress Sam was on, I felt perfectly comfortable with tucking the remaining length under him just to get it out of the way.

IMG 3184

What I loved just as much as watching baby bubba completely captivated and playing independently for a good long time?  How proud his big sister was of him!  She’s just so thrilled with everything he does and makes sure to tell him that he’s ‘such a clever baby’ while rewarding him with waaaaay too many kisses and squeezes.

IMG 3180

It’s like he has his very own cheerleader 24/7, which is a pretty special thing.


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3 thoughts on “Floating Balloon Play for Babies

    1. Thanks so much, Brigitte! You wouldn’t believe how much he enjoys this. Sometimes I lay there and watch him for a good 20 or 25 minutes! I can barely stay engaged in something for that long and I’m 30 some odd years older than him! ;)

      1. Oh, believe me, I get it. I’m almost 50 – I have a 4.5 year old – and some things I could watch her do for hours too! I remember my daughter absolutely loving me small spinning plastic screw top containers across the floor. My kitchen is a small size so i used it like a pool table so the container would bounce off all the edges of the floor (if you know what i mean) and she just LOVED it! Try it sometime. It would spin all over the place. The small things in life … Aren’t they just wonderful! Ah! You’ve just reminded me to head over to your slime post and comment … I can’t get Borax (in Australia)!!! I’ve just got home from trying to get some at the supermarket. I’ll have to try elsewhere … :0(

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