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For the last three months, we’ve been using a local cloth diapering service, and let me tell you – it’s been a total game changer.  I think all parents are busy {that’s just the nature of the job}, but after Sam’s surprise arrival 3 months earlier than expected, our NICU stay, our many appointments, his recent surgery, plus all that comes with also having a busy-bodied 5 year old {outings! school! activities! swim lessons!}, it’s been an absolute blessing to not have to worry about having a fresh stock of clean nappies ready to go at all times too.  We choose to cloth diaper for many reasons and it’s something that’s important to us, so we would make it work if we had to, but honestly – having Happy Baby Cheeks take care of everything for us has been really, really nice.

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If you’ve not heard of cloth diapering services before, basically what they do is take out all of the work involved with cloth diapering.  The sorting, washing, drying, folding – it’s all done for you!  {And I’m not even joking about this.}

So how  does it work exactly?  Well, with Happy Baby Cheeks, we get a delivery / pick-up once a week based on our location.  Our day is Friday, which means that on Friday mornings I put our big wet bag full of dirty cloth diapers, boosters, and wipes out onto the porch, and sometime around midday it’s replaced with a new bag filled with fresh, clean items – it’s that easy. No interruptions to our day – we just simply take them inside when we’re ready.  Sooo easy.

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Here’s a peek at what we’re provided with…  The orange and yellow fitted cloth diapers, bundles of cloth wipes {these are my favourite!}, the little booster pads for overnight {or babes who get exceptionally wet}, and the Motherease covers that we received in the beginning and now wash ourselves.

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When we get a chance, we bring the bag of fresh items up into Sam’s nursery and put everything away in our diapering tower and that’s all the work involved.

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The diapers themselves are really easy to use.  Happy Baby Cheeks provided us with step-by-step photo instructions {which was amazing!}, but it’s pretty much just a snap on the micro fibre fitted diaper and then a waterproof outer covering situation.  No fuss and let me tell you – these things soak up baby pee like no other!

One thing I will say about this style of diaper is that because the entire thing is made of absorbent material, bubba’s entire diaper area will feel wetness {unlike with some other styles of diapers where the wetness is concentrated in an absorbent strip down the middle}.  Now for us, this has not been a bad thing.  I attribute Miss G being potty trained at 13.5 months partly due to wearing cloth and actually getting a chance to feel wetness {so there’s that}, and overall I just think you’re going to change your baby’s diaper when they’re wet anyways, so no big deal.  Plus Sam has not ever had even a smidgen of a rash with these diapers {and he had one almost immediately when we were transferred to a new NICU and they began using store-bought wipes on his little tush}, so the little bit of extra wetness is obviously not bothering his sensitive skin any.

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That being said, Happy Baby Cheeks does have two natural cloth-diaper-safe products you can have added to your weekly deliveries if a rash occurs, but we haven’t needed to use ours yet {and almost never have in the entire time we’ve been cloth diapering}!

One thing I learned when chatting with one of the lovely HBC owners a couple of days ago is that you can eliminate a significant amount of the all around wetness by simply using a booster pad.  The pad catches the pee and the wetness is concentrated along the centre strip, more like a traditional diaper – which makes complete sense {though I hadn’t thought of it myself}.

This is another thing I love about Happy Baby Cheeks – it’s run by two Lower Mainland mamas {best friends no less!} who cloth diapered their several children and are true experts after years of being in the business.  They’re both really lovely and really helpful, so anytime you have a question or problem, you simply send them an email or give them a call and they get you all sorted asap.  Customer service at its finest!  Other things I love about the service?  It’s affordable {more so than you might think – we the pricing system here}, the diapers are spotless when delivered each week, and the ladies behind Happy Baby Cheeks are more than happy to customize a package / system that works best for you and your munchkin’s needs.

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Overall, we’re extremely happy with Happy Baby Cheeks.  The diapers are great, the system is great, and the customer service is great – and you really can’t ask for much more than that.  Using a cloth diaper service saves us a ton of work, and Sam seems pretty happy hanging out in his HBC dipe, so there’s that too. ☺


Lower Mainlanders:  Want to give Happy Baby Cheeks a try?  Mention that you heard about the service on Mama.Papa.Bubba. and you’ll receive 20% off of your starter kit.  

Contact Happy Baby Cheeks by visiting their website, emailing them at info@happybabycheeks.ca, or calling them at 604-539-8322.  


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8 thoughts on “Happy Baby Cheeks Cloth Diapering Service

    1. Oh, I hear you, Carolyn! And there’s just SO MUCH to do when you have another littles (especially TWO other littles!!) Diaper service for the win!

  1. I’ve really been considering cloth diapering the second time around, I’m still a little nervous about it however. Thanks for sharing your routine, and what you used! I will look into them!

    1. Honestly, if you’re on the fence about it, Happy Baby Cheeks takes out all of the hard / scary parts! :D Definitely worth looking into – especially because they’re so much more affordable than I imagined they would be!

  2. I really wish I had used this service instead of doing all my own diaper washing!! I think I would have committed to cloth for much longer!

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