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Mermaid Rescue Ice Excavation | Mama Papa Bubba

Summer’s here which means that it’s officially ice excavation season!  We love ice excavations and as the years pass, I’m always slightly surprised by just how into them Miss G is.  She’s done many ice excavations in her time, and yet she still gets all amped up when I mention doing one {which I of course love}.  I do try to make them fun and different each time, playing into whatever she’s interested in that summer, so a mermaid rescue ice excavation it was for my girl who currently loves mermaids. {So fun, right?!  Mermaid birthday party here we come!}  

IMG 0827

Now truth be told, this isn’t the first time we’ve done a mermaid ice excavation filled with shells, treasures, and seaweed.  I actually made a huge one a couple of summers ago, and Miss G and I plugged away at it for over an hour, rescuing all kinds of pretty, shiny things.  {Have I mentioned how great ice excavations are for building patience and perseverance?}

IMG 0895

Well, at a certain point Grae decided she wanted her grandma to come out and see what she was working on, so I popped into the house and left them to it, only to come back out 5 or 10 minutes later to this – hahahahaha!  The entire thing was smashed {including all of the pretty shells and jewels} and abandoned and Grandma Charlotte was zipping Grae around in a wheelbarrow full of pinecones instead.  So much for perseverance building! ☺

IMG 8130

Needless to say, a redo was in order.  Here’s what our frozen ocean filled with a mermaid and all of her treasures looked like this time around.

IMG 8136

IMG 8142

Ariel was trapped right along the side of the ice block and Gracen was super motivated to rescue her.

IMG 8161

IMG 8159

And while her ultimate goal was saving the mermaid, she was absolutely thrilled each time she retrieved a gem or jewel too.

IMG 8184

IMG 8188

IMG 8210

It took some serious effort and patience, but eventually she rescued not only Ariel, but her friend Flounder and their treasure box too!

IMG 8223

Find my ice excavating tips and step-by-step instructions for creating your own mermaid rescue ice excavation by clicking over to our Mermaid Ice Excavation post on CBC Parents.

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  1. That gave me a good laugh! I can just see it … After all your hard work. I guess all you can see it as is another approach to the same exercise. Ha! I can see my daughter enjoying this one.

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