Sweet and Simple Fall Leaf Crowns

Sweet Simple Fall Leaf Crowns | Mama Papa Bubba

Fall has officially arrived here in Vancouver and it is absolutely beautiful.  So today when Miss G suggested finishing off our day by going for a walk and park visit after school, she certainly didn’t have to convince me.

IMG 0368

After she’d donned her explorer’s vest and grabbed a bucket, we headed out the door.

IMG 0366

On our way to the park, we stopped to admire the rainbow coloured leaves and popped the very prettiest ones into Miss G’s bucket for later use.

IMG 0384

Then there was some swinging…

IMG 0422

And this ridiculous Grae and Sam cuteness too.

IMG 0429Seriously…  How beautiful are these leaves?!

IMG 0446

When we got home, we dumped out all of our leaves and Miss G sorted them into ‘Gracen sized leaves’ and ’Sam sized leaves’ before using them to create the simplest, sweetest fall leaf crowns.

To see all of the details {plus how to make a last forever version!}, pop on over to CBC Parents to read our Sweet and Simple Nature Craft: Make A Fall Leaf Crown post.  

IMG 0455

Just look at these two little nature royals, will you?  The cuteness kills me.


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